Texas Christian Daycare Center Rejects Child Over Lesbian Parents

“We were not trying to plague your daycare sir, WE ARE GAY, our daughter IS NOT!”

A Texas couple is alleging that a local Christian daycare center denied their daughter an available spot in the program because of her parents’ sexual orientation.

Brittany Ready and her wife, Stacey, had put their child, Callie, on a waiting list for Parkview Christian Academy in the town of Waco, TX. After months of waiting, they were contacted by the school and told that there was an opening for Callie in the program. Brittany wrote about what happened next on a public Facebook post.

“With excitement, we went in this afternoon ready to see the place and get her started,” Brittney wrote. “The director was super sweet and welcoming to us and Callie!”

But as Brittany and Stacey were getting ready to leave with their enrollment paperwork, an administrator for the school called them into his office and told them that he would be unable to accept Callie into the program because Brittany and Stacey are “mates.”

The administrator allegedly said that the school’s bylaws prohibited him from offering Callie a spot in the program because she has two moms.

“So does that mean ‘unwed parents’ cannot enroll their kids? Does that mean ‘divorced parents’ cannot enroll their children there? Because sin is sin and Jesus sat and welcomed allllll the sinners,” Brittney Ready wrote about the experience. “We were not trying to plague your daycare sir, WE ARE GAY, our daughter IS NOT!”

The couple, who identifies as Christian, had specifically wanted a Christian daycare center for their daughter.

“We speak to our children about being a Christian and we speak to them about God and about what the bible says. we even tell them what the bible says about same-sex couples,” Stacey said to local news.

“That’s fine if that’s what they stand for,” Brittney told local news. “But make it known that’s what you stand for. Just remember at the end of the day everyone is human.”

After news of Callie’s denial went viral, she received placement offers from other daycare programs in the area.

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