Captivating Couples: Meet The Couples Who Stole Our Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Lisa Hause.

Jenny & Robin — Lake Livingston, TX

Jenny Block, Freelance writer, author of “Be That Unicorn: Find your Magic. Live your Truth. Share your Shine”
Robin Brown, Client Success Partner for Cerner Corporation

For Jenny and Robin, it was love at first swipe. After matching with each other on New Year’s Day, the two women texted non-stop for a week before transitioning to talking on the phone. “It was so easy and natural right from the start,” says Jenny. A week later, for their first date, Robin swept Jenny away to Dallas for a “Cinderella-style dream date.” And for their third date? A week long cruise followed by a long weekend on Isla Mujeres. “We figured if we still liked each after that much time together in that close of proximity, we just might be on to something,” jokes Jenny.

They both had to resist the urge to UHaul, but you can only deny love for so long. That’s why, six months into dating, Robin proposed to Jenny. “I said yes and, well, the rest, as they say, is herstory,” says Jenny. Of course, it hasn’t always been smooth-sailing — but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been good. “I used to think that if a relationship was easy that meant it was good, but that’s just complacency,” says Jenny. Now I have learned that if a relationship helps you to be your best you, it means it’s not just good, it’s great.”

Over the course of the past year, Jenny and Robin have strengthened their relationship and welcomed the changes. Although they both believe distance makes the heart grow fonder, the pandemic has taught them that being together can do the same. “Our relationship has strengthened because we’ve learned more about one another, as well as learned to meet one another’s needs when we are often — literally — the only one available to fulfill those needs,” says Jenny. “We are closer than ever and we are more aware than ever that we will forever be learning one another and growing — together.”

Photo by STREKOZA.

Tiziana & Shantal — Queens, NY

Tiziana Sacco, Human resources coordinator
Shantal De los Santos, Assistant financial representative

You may recognize Shantal and Tiziana from Herstory, the musical act in which Shantal plays guitar and piano and Tiziana sings and writes songs. The pair’s career makes sense, considering they were brought together by a love of music. When Shantal walked in late for a college group project with a guitar, Tiziana was immediately smitten. “That was the day I realized, I needed to know her deeper,” says Tiziana. “I remember watching her walk down the hallway as if it were yesterday, her confidence was poised and certain. She captivated me, and I was set to know her ever since.”

But while music is their biggest unifier, the industry can sometimes be their biggest challenge to face — both together and separately. “Not only are we romantic partners, but we are also business partners in our music journey together as well. We both are two individualistic unique characters that have a hard time playing ‘nice’ together at times, but truthfully, lately, we welcome it. We believe our biggest challenges make for some great content in our music, so we like to see it as a positive!”

Despite any obstacles, Shantal and Tiziana find a sense of comfort, safety, and belonging with one another. “Bette said it best to Tina when she said, ‘It feels like I am coming home,’” says Shantal. “We accept each other not just for the best in us, but for the worst, just like a family.”

The pair hope that the next five years bring them growth in every way, making them bigger, better, and stronger than they are today — especially in their music career. No matter what happens, they’re just happy to be making a home together wherever the universe takes them. “[We hope to] mainly just stay healthy and happy together with our furry son Bruno and perhaps a couple more 4-legged children.”

Over the past year, Shantal and Tiziana have faced the challenge of an ever-changing music industry landscape due to the pandemic. “We put out our latest single titled ‘I’m Ready’ back in August of 2020 which was great, but we didn’t get to enjoy the things such as being able to perform it in front of an audience,” says Shantal, “so we’re still trying to adjust to the new normal.” But luckily, the couple has been able to use the extra time to strengthen their family bond with “serious conversations on what we will and will not accept,” says Tiziana. “We think we have matured in the way we handle one another throughout many aspects of our connection.”

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