“Bachelor” Franchise Introduces Its First-Ever Queer Couple And They’re Adorable

Demi and Kristian are in love AND making history.

A queer contestant on “Bachelor in Paradise” started to pursue a gay relationship on the show this week, making this the franchise’s first-ever LGBTQ plotline after 17 years.

Demi Burnett is a self-identified “queer queen.” As a contestant on “Bachelor in Paradise,” she and other singles who were eliminated from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are currently trying to find love on a beachside resort. Initially, Burnett had feelings for a male co-star, Derek Peth.

But the show also dived into Burnett’s coming out journey and her struggles with her sexuality. She discussed having feelings for a woman from back home who’s not connected to the “Bachelor” universe, Kristian Haggerty.

So, the producers decided to bend the rules and bring Haggerty onto the show, just for Burnett.

“We could have easily said that because Demi is in somewhat of a relationship back home that she won’t find love here and we should send her home and go on our way,” host Chris Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter. “Instead, we all made the decision to break or bend the rules a little bit.”

Haggerty arrived on set and embraced Burnett for an emotional reunion. Their relationship is not only groundbreaking for the series, but also adorable and perfect.

“Hi this is happening on a mainstream American reality TV dating show NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS A GARBAGE FIRE,” TV critic Kristen Baldwin tweeted.

Burnett promptly broke things off with Peth and turned her attention over to Haggerty. The two women appear to be headed for commitment, with a future episode likely featuring Burnett giving Haggerty a rose rather than Peth. Yay, queer love!

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