America’s Most Captivating Couples 2007

It was difficult to narrow down the entries, but we finally did it–and the result is the year’s most captivating couples! Ranging from a historic preservationist to a superhero to a TV talk show host (times two), it’s great to see so many proud women, not just in love, but spreading that love around and making the world a brighter place. Their stories inspired us, and we know they’ll inspire you, too. Say hello to this year’s sweethearts.


Anisia Machado
47, Dental hygienist

Carmen Machado
44, Discipline dean at a high school

Emerson, NJ
Many women dream about falling in love with the girl next door, but Carmen didn’t have to dream—at least not for long. Anisia moved next door over 30 years ago and soon they realized they were meant to be together. Over the years, they’ve had a commitment ceremony and raised children together. Still, staying together has not always been easy. They’ve had to deal with their disapproving families and anti-gay prejudice, says Carmen, who is on the board of Rainbow Families of New Jersey. She also plays drums in a group and runs her own DJ business. Anisia, meanwhile, is a wine enthusiast and enjoys reading. So what’s kept these two together all these years? “We give each other the room to be individuals and share a deep-rooted trust in each other,” they say. “Most of all, we laugh a lot and accept each other’s shortcomings. No one is perfect.”

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