5 Simple Spells To Help You Kickstart A New Life During The New Moon This Weekend

It’s time for a big life change, babe.

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Magic is real, or at least I believe it is. The power of affirmations and setting intentions helps you manifest your dreams. But I know there are some non-believers out there who are more into facts and science and proof. That’s valid, I hear you and I hold space for that truth.

This weekend is the Scorpio New Moon, also known as the dark moon. When the moon is completely void in the sky, it’s a very strong energetic time to work your magic and get rid of what no longer serves you. The energy of this phase is all about new beginnings. New beginnings in relationships, a new career and a new way of thinking. If you’ve been waiting to make a big life change or take an opportunity that you’ve been scared about—now is the time.

It’s a time to plant seeds for what you want to grow in the coming month. It’s believed that as the moon grows to it’s fullest state, your intention, goal or affirmation will grow in comparison with the moon until it completes its cycle, and becomes new again. That means, every month your goals and life can have a rebirth if you want it to.

For all you beginners out there, it’s important to come up with a ritual that has a meaning for you and is pertinent to your life. You can follow any one of these simple spells as directed, or you could add your own variations to it that applies to where you’re at in this moment. All spells can be done three days prior and after the New Moon. So, that means you have until Monday to set some incredible intentions for your next month!

1. Letting Go Ritual

Since this time of the month is focused on starting fresh, it’s important to start the next phase of the moon without any of the toxic or negative energy that’s been holding you down lately. Write a long letter to your past self of all the things you are letting go of and why. Go into detail, babe. Let all of that pent-up pain out onto the paper.

Now you want to take a candle. The color depends on your intentions, but dark colors are always good for manifesting during the dark moon. Carve out your zodiac sign into the candle. Along with the word “release.” Anoint your candle in essential oils—Jasmine, Cardamom or Ginger are all amazing for new moon practices.

Now you want to take your letter and place it underneath your candle. Light your candle and let it burn until it goes out naturally. Take the leftover wax and ashes and put them on your dresser or somewhere visible for the remainder of this moon cycle. When we have another new moon, you’ll

2. Forgiveness Ritual

This is one of my favorite witchy practices. It helps me focus in on where I need to stop being so damn stubborn (my rising sign is Leo, so I can’t help it). You write down all of the people you want to forgive—don’t write it down if you’re not ready to forgive someone yet, anger is valid and real and takes time to work through.  Have a name on separate pieces of paper and write alongside the name what you are forgiving this person of. Then grab a large glass jar. Take a lighter and carefully light each piece of paper on fire and allow it to fall into the jar. Speak out loud the person’s name and what forgiveness you’re offering them.

Pro tip: it’s good to have a Bay Leaf nearby while you practice this. It will protect you from any spirits you wake up while letting go of grudges.

3. Self Love Practice

“This is a time to engage in radical self-acceptance; it’s OK to own the parts of yourself that you’re not super proud of,” writes The Hood Witch. “The path to real change requires you to replace shame and guilt with humility and compassion. Be brave enough to shine light into the darkest parts of yourself and the world around you.”

Pour yourself a steamy hot bath. Set the ambiance in the bathroom with candles, incense, essentials oils and stones. Add some lavender Epsom salt to the bath along with some flower petals that you’re drawn to. Allow your thoughts to flow as your soak in the bath. Where does your mind go? Pay attention and maybe even journal about it. Have you been mad at yourself about something lately? Are you ashamed or embarrassed by something happening in your life? Sit with those thoughts, no matter how uncomfortable they are. Work through them and feel a little release as your muscles loosen in the tub. Practice loving your darkest parts right now, just as the moon sits in darkness herself.

4, Grounding Meditation

If you’ve been feeling really out of it lately and you need to come back into your body—I’d suggest this meditation practice. It works best if you burn some sage in the room you’re meditating in and have eaten a nourishing meal of non-processed foods beforehand.

“Grounding is a way to reinforce your connection to the Earth. It’s very easy in our world today to lose that connection. We walk around on paved roads, sit in our man-made buildings, surrounded by power lines, under electric lights, using our heaters or air conditioners, eating food that’s been prepared and neatly packaged for us,” writes Mackenzie Sage Wright.

During this meditative practice, you’ll want to allow yourself to fall into a deep state. Try not to think of anything from the outside world. Go inward and spend some quality time with yourself. Now imagine ruby red root going down from your body all the way to where the dirt is. Below your house, below the 15 stories, your apartment sits on, below your basement. Your roots go all the way down into Mother Earth’s core. You can pull energy from her at any time because you are constantly connected.

5. Manifest Your Dreams

Similar to the first ritual, you will write a letter to your future self all about the dreams you want to manifest in your coming future. It can be anything from career goals to wanting to meet a new partner. Go as into detail as possible.

Now decorate a candle, preferably a darker color either navy blue or black. Carve your astrology sign and the word “dreams” into the side of the candle. Anoint the wick and sides of the candle with Lavender or Chamomile essential oils. They are good for dreams coming true. Now set your paper underneath the candle and let it burn. See what happens by the time the next new moon comes around. Are you closer to your goals?

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