100 Women We Love 2015

We are thrilled to present this year’s 100 Women We Love—an incredibly diverse group of out entertainers, athletes, artists, activists, business leaders and elected officials.


If you only know Angel Haze as Ireland Baldwin´s ex, then you don´t know Angel Haze. An artist on the rise, this rapper has accomplished more in a few years than many will in a lifetime-and Haze is still only 23! Identifying as pansexual and agender (and preferring the pronoun “they”), Haze is one of the few visibly queer artists on the hip-hop scene. Their career began in their late teens, when they released the mixtape New Moon. In 2013, they received major-label attention with the full-length studio album Dirty Gold. Online, their fan base is impressive, with almost 214,000 followers on Twitter and more than 1,000,000 YouTube views. Haze has also attracted notice from major music blogs and sites like TheSource.com, Pitchfork and XXL.com, and from artists like Sia, who collaborated on their single “Battle Cry,” which would eventually be nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video with a Social Message. That song, like others in Haze´s catalogue, was inspired by an abusive childhood. In a 2014 interview with The Guardian, Haze said, “Two years ago it was very difficult to be in the same room as me. You could feel everything, all the trauma, weighing me down. Through music I´ve let go. Projectile-vomited my demons all over the place.”-GH

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