11 Perfect Dates To Turn Your Summer Fling Into The Real Thing

Spice it up with your cute new boo and take her on a fall adventure.

It’s officially ~cuffing~ season. (Cuffing season, as defined by our trusted Urban Dictionary: During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed).

You know what that means, summer flings quickly turn into longterm boo’s over the course of the cold and cozy months. You’ve been having a little to much fun with that cutie you met at Pride, huh? Going out to the local gay bars, drag shows and summer BBQs—but now life is going to slow down a bit (thank god). There will be less group hangs and cozier one-on-one dates.

Nothing is worse than getting quickly stuck in the cycle of the same bars, restaurants and movie theaters for date options. Spice it up with your cute new boo and take her on a fall adventure, instead. Autumn is the best season for one-on-one cuff-style dates because as the season shift happens, the weather is ideal, the setting is ultra cozy and the activities make for the most memorable moments. It’s basically the season for lesbians. Be prepared to show your lady how creative you are with date planning and take her on one (or all) of these amazing fall dates that aren’t dinner and a movie (yawn!).

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Take her on a picnic in a beautiful park, as the leaves change colors. 

I once showed up for a second date picnic (my idea) with a bouquet of flowers, homemade tarts, Rosé and a cheese plate. So extra, I know. The girl was impressed though, and let’s just say—it went well. So pack up some yummy snacks, a bottle of libations, a cute blanket and head to your favorite park.

Bonus points if you bring a portable speaker to rock some tunes while you make-out surrounded by beautiful hues of orange and red leaves.

Get your cards read together.

This date is only for the brave. Find your local astrologist/witch to get your tarot cards read together. You never know what truth the cards might tell—and are you prepared for her to see this truth with you? If so, this adventure could potentially spark some emotionally charged and powerful conversations between the two of you.

I suggest finding a tea spot close by so you can digest your readings together afterward.

Go to the farmers market.

Head to your local farmer’s market to pick up some yummy goodies. Get some fresh apple cider, walk around together and sample different cheeses and veggies and pick up a bouquet of ~sunflowers~.

Maybe you even pick up enough delicious snacks and decide for an impromptu picnic (see date option #1)!


Cozy up for a horror movie marathon.

If you’re looking for an excuse to get extra cuddly (and let’s be honest, who isn’t right now)—this is the date for you. Queue up your Netflix with all the best horror movies. Bonus point if you somehow manage to find a lesbian horror film (please email me if you do because I need to see this). Have some popcorn and brews ready as you settle in for a fear-inducing evening.

Get lost in the stacks of your fave feminist bookstore.

Head over to your local feminist bookstore (or library) to get lost in the stacks. Whether you end up reading love poems to each other with ~heart eye emoji~ faces or making out in the basement where no one else goes, this is sure to be a romantic date for all you bookworms.

Play Scrabble and drink hot toddies.

Do you have a competitive side? Don’t cheat and use Scrabble app, it’s unromantic.

Take it back to the analog with the real, physical board game. Make it interesting by doing rounds with different themes. For example: for one round you can only use ~sexy~ words. For another, it has to be all LGBTQ terms. Spice it up with your favorite fall cocktail and pull on your cutest fall sweater and beanie!

Attend a poetry reading together.

Are you feeling those creative juices flowing? Fall always gets me back into the zone of feeling fueled creatively. And I love to experience other peoples art forms. Take your date out for a night on the town while going to a live poetry slam together! It’s such an energetic space.

Some of the poets will be amazing and others might make you laugh (not intentionally). Either way, it’s a super-fun, non-basic date and maybe you’ll even feel inspired to create poems for each other afterward!

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Ride bikes through the park. 

You know that scene in “The Notebook” where Noah and Allie are riding bikes with their other couple friends? Yeah, that. But the lesbian version. It can be fun to team up with your bestie and her babe for a double-date.

Get your gears going as you ride along together. Maybe even pick a destination like your favorite brewery or bar to end the date with a refreshing drink.

Go to a rock climbing gym. 

Are you both adrenal junkies? This is the date for you. Challenge yourselves by going to a rock climbing gym and testing your trust. As one of you climbs to new heights, the other will be holding the rope making sure you don’t fall to the ground.

Talk about building a foundation of trust! You’ll get sweaty together and get to show off your sexy athletic side.

Learn something new together. 

Attend a class and learn something new together, that creates a real bond. You’ll likely fumble through the class as you embark on this new skill together—which will be cute and make for amazing memories that last a lifetime. You can take a class for anything from baking to salsa or even pole dancing. Try it all!

Get lost in a corn maze, pick apples, go on a haunted hayride. 

Embrace your basic bitch side, babes. Charge up your phone so you’re prepared to take all the cutest and cheesiest pictures together. This time of year, almost every farm in America celebrates the autumnal season with activities galore. 

Go for a day full of pumpkin flavored everything. You can pick apples, get lost in the corn maze (perfect for secret make-out spots), carve pumpkins, and even go on a haunted hayride together. 

If you aren’t ready to embrace the adorable corniness of all this, then this isn’t the date for you. But if you decide to go, I promise you’ll have an amazingly fun day together. 

What are your fall date suggestions? Tell us!

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