Yetta G. Kurland, Esq. is the Founder and Senior Partner of The Kurland Group. She has been a leader in progressive politics and social justice for over two decades.

Striving to empower those around her, Yetta’s long history of activism includes community based initiatives, as well as work through both judicial and legislative channels to advocate for civil rights, education, arts and culture, affordable housing, employment rights and health care issues.

As a civil rights attorney, Yetta has worked to provide legal services to underrepresented communities. She has fought tirelessly to protect workers in both private companies as well as those working for the City of New York. Yetta is representing individuals wrongfully arrested during Occupy Wall Street protests and has recently won a major victory for several female FDNY EMS workers who alleged unfair promotional practices. She has also settled a suit against a City hospital for failure to provide proper medical care.

Yetta Kurland has worked on a city and state level to help legislate on important issues such as safety and education as well as constitutional issues such as the rights to assemble, freedom of speech, and the right to due process.