Welcome To “Working It” A GOTV Original Video Series Highlighting The Out “Working Women” In Our Community

An exciting new video series from GOTV!

Photo by Kelly Nyland

Welcome to “Working It” a GO TV original series, highlighting the fabulous working women in our community. Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out a super-fresh, brand new video featuring a different lesbian, bisexual or queer woman who is pushing boundaries and breaking glass ceilings as a smart and creative entrepreneur running her own unique business.

It’s no secret that 2017 was a harrowing year for our world, our country, and our community in a multitude of devastating albeit confusing ways. We won’t get into the specifics as to why 2017 was such A Terrible Year (at least not in this piece!) because today we want to shine the spotlight on to those whom rightfully deserve to bask in it: The out women in our community. Specifically, the women who are carving out successful, women-owned and operated businesses, despite the bevvy of global hardships tossed their way.

From personal trainers to coffee shop owners to chefs and more, these working women are truly “working it.” And these fierce ladies have inspired us to not only survive the remains of 2017 but to thrive in 2018. Happy 2018, babe! 

Episode 1: Out kinesiologist and personal trainer, Chloe Larouche!

Personal trainer, Chloe Larouche
Facebook; Instagram: @ChloeLarouche
Los Angeles, CA 

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