New England Is Getting A Lesbian Bar, Thanks To This Married Couple

“The energy and the vibe of a lesbian space is so different and so welcoming to all people.”

We already know we can thank lesbian Tiktok for this hot lesbian lumberjack. But now we can also thank lesbian Tiktok for being the spark that eventually inspired Danielle and Julie Spring to open a lesbian bar in Worcester County MA.

The married couple separately grew up in Worcester County, and both felt far removed from the LGBTQ+ community they wanted to be part of. Even after Danielle and Julie found one another and eventually got married, Julie still faced homophobia at work, while Danielle still remained partly closeted.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns occurred, the couple found themselves quarantined and scrolling on lesbian Tiktok. They learned about the dwindling number of lesbian bars across America, but were determined to find one close enough to visit.

“[Danielle] found a few lesbian bars that were in New York. Those were the closest,” Julie told Worcester Magazine. “The rest are all in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be, in Texas or in the Midwest, and you’re like, ‘Why don’t we have more in New England?'”

Once the lockdowns lifted, the couple decided to take a trip to Cubbyhole in NYC, and they found the community they had been longing for. Not only that, the idea to open their own lesbian bar was born. “We ended up being there until four in the morning. The energy and the vibe of a lesbian space is so different and so welcoming to all people,” Danielle told Worcester Magazine. “We didn’t even get drunk. We just hung out and enjoyed the vibe, and when we got home, Julie said, ‘I want that in Worcester.'”

Now, Danielle and Julie are on the verge of opening Femme Bar, Worcester’s first lesbian bar. Femme Bar will open its doors at 62 Green St Worcester, MA 01604 on February 9.

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