Women at the Helm 2014

Meet the next wave of out leaders!

Founder and Artistic Director, Dixon Place

“While in Paris in 1985, a salon spontaneously dropped into my living room,” says Ellie Covan. “The experience was such fun, when I returned to New York, without much forethought, I opened my living room to the hungry downtown arts scene.” And thus was the beginning of Dixon Place, an experimental theater that has reigned as the crown jewel of the downtown performing arts scene for more than a quarter of a century. It’s a place that offers something for everyone, from new original plays to cartoon slide shows for children to an international women’s art salon, with a number of events offering free admission. Dixon is especially committed to queer performers, playing host to the annual Hot! Festival. In addition, Covan has found time to be a director (for Nancy Giles), a producer (for Peggy Shaw), and a mentor for anyone who needs one: “When I began my adventure, leaders of other arts organizations, such as David White, Mark Russell and Martha Wilson were extremely helpful and generous with their support and advice. Because of their graciousness, I never ignore novices when they reach out for guidance and encouragement.”

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