Women We Love 2022: Lori Torres

Photo by June Photography

Lori Torres

“I started LasReinasNYC for our Latina community because I realized that as large as we were in the scene, we didn’t have venues or bars that catered to us,” Lori Torres tells GO. So Torres decided to fill the gap herself. LasReinasNYC began modestly in 2007, after Torres helped organize a lesbian boat party that was a rousing success: “I sold about 60 tickets for it with one group text,” she recalls. From that experience, she realized that queer Latina/Latinx women really did need a space of their own in which to feel safe and enjoy themselves in their culture. For Torres, the most rewarding aspects of event-planning “are the relation- ships I have built [through] all these years.” She’s even been invited to weddings of individuals who met through her events. Torres hopes to continue to grow the organization, producing large and small events for the LGBTQ+, Latina, and Latinx communities. She also hopes to one day create events for LGBTQ+ youth as well. “I feel our youth lack safe spaces throughout the boroughs in New York,” she explains. “I feel when I was growing up, I didn’t have much [space] and still see the lack of it.” Ultimately, Torres loves creating safe, inclusive spaces for everyone to come together and have a great time, with a goal to spread love and unity. Her motto is simple: “Never let anything stand in your way. Passion goes a long way. If you want something, put in the work and go for it!” –AB

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