Women We Love 2022: London Wilmot

London Wilmot

by Mike Vitelli

London Wilmot’s multipotentiality is equal parts impressive and awe-inspiring. She is a writer, athlete-celebrity fashion stylist, and CEO and creative director at Ricco Noir Studios, a bicoastal-based lifestyle brand, consulting agency, and artist collective. The purveyor of superior aesthetics, who is highly regarded for her creativity, style, and unique vision, prides herself most on her ability to connect with people. “My network is both my lifeblood and my superpower,” she tells GO. “Everything great in life is done through collaboration and finding people on the same wavelength makes everything that much sweeter.” Born in the U.K., Wilmot studied at the University of Houston and is a veteran of the U.S. Army. Her success in multiple fields is a testament not only to her talent, but to her resiliency and dedication to hard work. Her aspiration to continue to foster a spirit of collaboration and build up her community, both locally and abroad, demonstrates her thoughtfulness and generous spirit. With Ricco Noir Studios, Wilmot boasts a client list that includes the likes of athletes Dwight Howard and CeeDee Lamb and comedian Mike Epps. She envisions assembling a team of artists, creatives, and freethinkers to usher in a world where people think for themselves and spread love. Wilmot says, “I want to inspire women and the youth to pursue their goals with diligence and build a platform to help them.” –LC

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