Women We Love 2022: Kataluna Enriquez

Kataluna Enriquez

by Alexmatt Photography

Kataluna Enriquez scored a big win for trans visibility when she was crowned Miss Nevada in 2021, and became the first out trans woman to compete in the Miss USA pageant. But despite her success on the pageant circuit, Enriquez admits that she sometimes lacks confidence. “I spent most of my life silent because every time that I spoke, or brought attention to myself, people would have negative opinions and bully me,” she tells GO. Getting involved in pageantry taught Enriquez to break out of these patterns. “When I finally found my missing piece of truth and had the courage to chase my own sense of happiness,” she explains, “part of that was going after things I wanted and needed in my childhood. That’s why I took part in pageantry, because I’ve always wanted to see someone like me in the media, an empowered, iconic woman.” She hopes to empower others, especially children, to be themselves. While she still struggles sometimes, Enriquez, who speaks four languages, meets every challenge head-on. “I hope to venture my career in more media outlets, whether that’s hosting, reality shows, films, documentaries, fashion,” she says. For Enriquez, being a woman is about more than just how you identify: it means fully embracing all of who you are. –AB

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