Women We Love 2022: Hilary Price

Photo by Kristin Gottschalk

Hilary Price

For award-winning cartoonist Hilary Price, the most rewarding part of her job is “when someone reads my cartoon and says, ‘That is SO true,’” she tells GO. “It means that my mishaps are also their mishaps. They feel less alone, and I feel less alone, and that’s the power of cartoons and of art in general.” Price has been connecting with her readers, and making all involved feel a little less alone, in her long-running syndicated comic, Rhymes with Orange, which she first launched over 25 years ago. Growing up, Price found that drawing provided her a means of expression, and an outlet for connecting with others. “I liked writing, I liked drawing, and my sister was a huge talker,” Price explains. “The piece of paper in front of me was my space to express myself and to get attention.” Inspired by other female comic artists, she started Orange in 1995, making her the youngest woman ever to have a syndicated strip. She now hopes to inspire others as well. Price teaches at the Center for Cartoon Studies, focusing on single panel cartooning; has been featured on The Moth and NPR; and was presented the Inkpot Award for career achievement in comic arts from the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015. She continues to produce Orange, now in collaboration with cartoonist Rina Piccolo. By filling the gap in the media’s portrayal of women, she’s built up her own confidence as an artist, and inspired her readers as well. –AB

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