We Are Scream-Laughing At SNL’s Brilliant New Pride Song

“We’ve been waiting so long, for so much to go wrong.” 

The season finale of Saturday Night Live paid an early tribute to Pride with the song, “It’s Pride Again,” performed by the show’s out cast members Kate McKinnon, Punkie Johnson, and Bowen Yang, along with host Anya Taylor-Joy and musical guest Lil Nas X. 

The skit features McKinnon, Bowen, Johnson, and Taylor-Joy cheerfully singing, “It’s Pride again!” while a montage shows them engaging in the Pride-related revelry we were deprived of last year: dancing drunkenly, getting ghosted by crushes, and wondering why straight girls dress like lesbians.

As Bowen’s character sings: “We’ve been waiting so long, for so much to go wrong.”

The skit includes McKinnon and Taylor-Joy as a lesbian couple celebrating their first Pride together, and their last, “Cause even for lesbians, we moved in way too fast.” It also includes Bowen getting sloppy drunk and sobbing after not receiving a much-anticipated text from a crush, “I don’t want to be funny, I just want to be HOT!.” Then comes Johnson hitting on a string of straight girls, leading her and Bowen to ask, “When did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian?”

The answer: “It’s Pride again!”

“It’s inclusive and it’s great,” sings McKinnon, “but who let in all these straights?” 

The skit also features Lil Nas X in full parade regalia, rapping, “You’d hate the drama on any other night, but during gay Pride this is going gay right.” 

He continues by providing a contrast between the intentions of the original Pride generators and today’s revelers, singing, “Marsha P. Johnson and Harvey Milk, they paved the way for you to shake your filth. Stonewall was a kiki when they threw the brick– they fought for your right to be this chaotic.”

The skit ends with the crew singing, “We’re so happy that we’re queer, and can do this every year” before realizing that they are all dancing on top a Deutsche Bank float.

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