Viral Video Shows ‘Karen In The Wild’ Freak Out On Lesbian Couple In Starbucks

The woman accused the couple of grooming children. They were just trying to get their lattes.

A video of an older woman in Starbucks talking absolute hateful nonsense at a lesbian couple has gone viral.

The clip is making the rounds on TikTok since it was posted by Cassie Urry, one of the lesbians subject to the homophobic woman’s tirade. The clip has garnered 10.5 million views as of Wednesday.


Interaction with this lovely lady in Miami

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Urry spoke to the Daily Beast, and said that she and her girlfriend, Lorrin Skrbec, had traveled from Toledo to Miami for a cruise to the Bahamas. Before boarding, the couple stopped at a Coral Gables Starbucks. Urry told the Daily Beast that the Starbucks “felt off,” and that everyone there was staring at one customer in particular.

“We saw [a] woman saying, like, a lot of racist things and a lot of racial slurs,” Urry said. “There [were] Asian customers there. And she had said to them that they were creations of the devil, and that everybody in the Starbucks was sitting in the presence of the devil and not doing anything about it.”

Urry said the woman went on a racist rant in relation to Asian people and COVID-19. Skrbec then verbally intervened and Urry started recording the interaction.

The unidentified woman in the video, who has been dubbed “Karen in the wild,” is wearing glasses, a lime green dress, lime green slippers and sporting a delightful spot of under boob sweat. Once she realizes Urry is recording, she stares at the camera and says “Is lesbianism OK? No, it isn’t because you touch children. You rape children. Yes, because you’re evil.”

The clip ends after the store’s manager confronts the woman and takes her to the side.

“We were both in shock a little bit. It was weird,” Urry said of the incident to the Daily Beast. “I didn’t quite know how to respond. I was feeling angry and feeling a lot of emotions, but I think just I knew realistically that escalating the situation wasn’t going to get us anywhere. And you just can’t reason with some people. So we just had to keep our cool.”

Urry noted that Starbucks employees made sure to check on them.

A spokesperson for Starbucks said the company does not “tolerate any form of discrimination in [its] stores.”

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