Video of The Day: Pink’s “What About Us” Video Moved Us

In times like these, we need constant messages of hope and resilience. 

Pink has done it again. Yesterday, the singer released her first music video from her latest album “Beautiful Trauma.” The “What About Us” video is a powerful message to those most impacted by our current president’s amplification of oppressive messages and policies. Featuring Black and Brown bodies, LGBTQ couples, women, and immigrants this shows that united we’re stronger. A message that Trump surely doesn’t want people to see.

The haunting ever present police overseeing the whole video displays the stark reality in America. The state and the police are a constant watchdog on the most marginalized, even when we are simply dancing and loving one another.

“I’m certifiably, insanely proud of this album,” Pink previously said of “Beautiful Trauma,” her first LP since 2012’s “The Truth About Love.” “It’s been a while and I’m grateful for all the years we’ve had. Looking forward to the next chapter with you.”

In times like these, we need constant messages of hope and resilience. When they come from celebrities like Pink who can make their message loud and clear to everyone, the impact is widespread. Everyone from republicans to democrats to socialists will see this unifying message of love.

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