Video Of The Day: The Trailer Of The New Queer TV Show Of Your Queer Dreams

“Girls Like Magic” looks awesomely queer AF.

Photo by Girls Like Magic Facebook

I don’t know about you little queers, but ever since The L Word announced it’s reboot, I’ve been ITCHING for fresh queer girl content. I’ve watched original The L Word, Lip Service and every lez YouTube show approximately 9,000 times and I’m bored to tears. Rainbow tears are streaming down my sad, gay face.

I covet new homo media with the same ferocity that I covet a full-time chauffeur to drive me around the city, so I don’t have to take a Xanax every time I get on the subway (seriously babe! I’m getting addicted)!

Anyway, lucky for me and for the rest of my lezzie, bi darlings, there is a new show dropping next week called “Girls Like Magic.” And not to be profane or anything, but it looks queer as fuck. Not queer as folk, queer as fuck. 

And well acted, which sorry to throw shade at the LGBTQ film/TV world, is ~sometimes~ rare in our genre. And well written (also ~sometimes~ rare in our genre). And I’m already obsessed with “Girls Like Magic” and the show hasn’t even aired yet.

So you’re welcome, hunty. Here is the trailer so watch it and lez get together next week and binge watch the series and snuggle with a nice cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (róse season is officially over).  Tell us what you think of the trailer!

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