Video Of The Day: “The Moment I Came Out”

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Coming out is such a huge moment for so many LGBTQ people. And the more we tell our stories, the more we’re able to provide a beckon of hope for young people who are struggling and feeling isolating. Navigating your sexuality and gender identity in a cis-heteronormative world can be really hard.

But there’s a whole big loving community out there just waiting for you when you need us. And this beautiful video shows just that. It shows LGBTQ people telling their stories, owning their narratives of the first time they came out.

Today is National Coming Out Day, so we couldn’t think of a better video to share. Today we celebrate everyone who has come out, everyone who is thinking about coming out and everyone who never wants to come out. It’s a personal decision that is completely up to you!

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