Video of The Day: The Hindu Jewish Lesbian Wedding Of Our Dreams

“I hope many many gay people—no matter what religion or culture they’re in—are in loving relationships.”

Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson’s wedding made history and we can’t stop watching. I’ve got to admit something to you: I love weddings. I love wedding photos. I love wedding videos. I love wedding Pinterest boards. My radical-at-heart, anti-capitalist, anti-institution soul cringes as I type that, but I just can’t deny it. I love a good, queer wedding. It melts my tender heart into a puddle on the floor. And Kalavati and Miriam’s wedding is extra special because it’s believed to be the first Hindu-Jewish interfaith lesbian wedding in Great Britain ~insert heart-eye emoji~.

The couple held a Hindu ceremony in Leicester, donning the traditional red and white garb, garlands and mangala sutra necklaces. They duo also held a traditional Jewish ceremony in Texas, where they call home.

“I will follow the Hindu faith and follow some of the Jewish traditions,” Mistry told Pukaar News. “I’d like to see our lives bond together, our traditions and our cultures. We get to embrace both, Hinduism as well as Judaism. That’s how I see it. I hope this brings people together.”

The couple met and fell in love over 20 years ago while attending a training for the interfaith organization they worked for. Kalavati only recently cam out because it had been very difficult for her as an Asian gay woman to feel accepted. Both of their families were present at the ceremonies and have been welcoming and embracing of the couple celebrating their love.

“I hope many many gay people—no matter what religion or culture they’re in—are in loving relationships,” Mistry said.

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