Video Of The Day: An Adorable Lesbian Wedding Because We’re Single Masochists

Sometimes it feels good to pour salt in our single wounds.

It’s a dismal Tuesday (nothing exciting ever happens on a ‘effing Tuesday, does it?) and we’re wildly depressed. We have the fall time blues (and by “we” I mean, “me”). I decided to really toss some salt into our single wounds by making today’s video of the day, this really, really ~AMAZINGLY~ cute video of a lez wedding. Even though it does rub in my face how untethered I truly am, it makes me happy to see happy women get wed.

Plus, their outfits are on POINT, babes. Watch it for the outfits if you detest weddings. Or at least tell yourself you’re “watching it for the outfits” because we all know even if you’re a bitter bitch like me, your heart is going to melt at this sweet AF video.

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