TV/Film: Indie Sex

Independent Film Channel

Clear your schedule this month. The Independent Film Channel is broadcasting a late-night mini-series event entitled Indie Sex. The four-part series explores sex in cinema, featuring naughty clips and insightful interviews with forerunners of indie filmmaking (Jamie Babbitt, John Cameron Mitchell) and bombshells of the screen (Rosanna Arquette, Dita von Teese).

The first part in the series, “Censored,” examines how the film industry and special interest groups attempted to regulate the amount of erotica allowed in theatres. The documentary explains the history of sex on screen lightheartedly and in detail. Night two examines taboos. Whether showing clips about incest, obsession or fetishes, this episode reveals how certain films have pushed the envelope and how audiences have handled it.

“Teens,” the third episode, examines the topic of underage sex, which can be a comedic and sometimes serious subject. The most memorable moment is Ally Sheedy’s insight from her role as the quirky Allison Reynolds in ’80s teen classic The Breakfast Club.

The final episode, “Extremes,” features the most shocking, dirty clips IFC could get their hands on. While the series ends with the most controversial portrayals of sex in film, it leaves viewers safe in the knowledge that indie film remains at the forefront of open representations of sexuality.

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