Towa Bird Drops New Single ‘Sorry Sorry’

“this song is for all my friends-to-lovers lesbian trope enthusiasts (heheheh) NOW IT”S ALL YOURS!”

Lesbian heartthrob Towa Bird is pumping out some new tunes in time for summer.

Her debut album ‘American Hero’ is set to release this June- and she’s giving us a little taste of what’s to come with her newest single ‘Sorry Sorry.’

The song, which was dropped on Friday, details a well-known scenario for many.

“this song is for all my friends-to-lovers lesbian trope enthusiasts (heheheh) NOW IT”S ALL YOURS! I LOVE THIS SONG AND I HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE IT TOO <3”, Bird wrote in an Instagram caption.


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Bird opens the song with an intimate moment between herself and a friend, who are navigating their relationship after “tears and tequila made the secrets come out.”

Between the chorus and the bridge, Bird apologizes for things unsaid as the two ride silently in a cab. The fear of ending a friendship for a relationship is a relatable worry for many who’ve found themselves in similar situations.

Bird ends the song with, “I hope you understand.”

“The song delves into my internal monologue — a journey of weighing risks, asking a series of what-ifs, giving too much attention to irrational fears,” she tells The Line of Best Fit. “Raising my defenses so high that I almost psych myself out. Worrying I might lose them and worrying that things will never be the same.”

It’s unclear whether the album will include any songs about Bird’s current relationship with Reneé Rapp (or a surprise feature). The two were spotted together Sunday at a National Women’s Soccer League match.

Fans on Twitter were going crazy over their appearance and Bird’s single. The gays were certainly being fed this weekend.


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