This Podcaster Reveals Why Lesbians Move So Fast

It might have something to do with the fact that we don’t have to shave our legs as much.

Sophie Cachia, host of podcast ‘HER,’ recently had Allira Potter on an episode to speak about lesbian relationships. Cachia started the conversation by hypothesizing that lesbians move quicker in their relationships because they can fast-forward past the time of “pretending to be the perfect woman for their partner.” She said that most women want to look pretty all of the time in the beginning of a relationship with a man, and pretend that they don’t poop and fart.

“When you are with a girl it’s like ‘oh I didn’t shave my legs, oh neither did you? cool,'” she continued. “There’s no issues because you have that relatability straight away.”

Allira agreed, and spoke about the fact that in the past, she had felt pressure to put on a show with a man, but there is “no bullshit” when she is with a woman. She said, “Women think I really love this woman and want to be with them, what’s the worst thing that could happen? […] I am all for the U-haul life.”

“The worst thing that could happen… is your kids get introduced to a new partner and another live in partner for Mum too quickly and have to go through that heart break again and again,” one commenter disagreed.

Cachia, 32, started ‘HER’ in January 2023. She was previously married to Jarryd Cachia before coming out as bisexual and ending the relationship to explore her interest in women. Last year, she was
engaged to Madeleine Garrick, a professional basketball player, but the couple has since broken up. In a recent episode of ‘HER,’ Cachia said she is “done” with relationships and is focusing on her two children.

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