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Hot Gay Comics, Wild Style and more…


It’s not often that you can get your favorite play on DVD, so if you happen to have a weakness for staged lesbian dramas, it might just be your lucky day! Described as a combination of the L Word and Tyler Perry’s films, The Engagement: A Snatch of Life in Three Acts explores all the intricacies of two women becoming engaged and carrying out a wedding, complete with nay-sayers, ex-girlfriends and homophobia. On Nov 23 the Center will host a special champagne brunch screening of this DVD, followed by a Q&A session with the writers.

Beginning on Nov 14 is a brand new series on the here! Networks that promises to bring the funniest gay comics to your television screen. Hot Gay Comics will be hosted by Dave Rubin and will feature some of our hometown favorites like Murray Hill and Hedda Lettuce, as well as plenty of other LGBT mainstays and some up-and-comers. If you simply can’t wait, or perhaps if you just can’t get enough, there are plenty of hilarious podcasts for download on

If you’ve ever wanted to know what hip hop (or NYC for that matter) was like in the ‘80s, you can catch the run of Wild Style that’s playing for one week (Nov 14–20) at the Film Forum. Packed full of (now) famous faces the film follows a graffiti artist as he makes a canvas out of the subway system, as well as capturing a multitude of DJs, MCs, breakdancers, b-boys, rappers, and climaxes in a rebel concert on the East River. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the film’s release and director Charlie Ahearn will be on hand both Friday and Saturday nights to sign copies of the book published this year to celebrate the silver anniversary.

If that isn’t retro enough for you, maybe you’d prefer to check out the Carole Lombard retrospective, also playing at the Film Forum from Nov 21 through Dec 2. In twelve days the theatre will show 24 of the actress’ most loved films, including: No Man of Her Own, which stars Clark Gable (seven years before they were married); Now and Forever, starring Gary Cooper and Shirley Temple; and, the last film made before the actress’ tragic and premature death at age 34, To Be or Not To Be, with Jack Benny.

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