The Very Best of NYC Dance

The VERY BEST of NYC performance, comedy, theatre and special events.


The Bronx Academy of Art & Dance presents its annual BlakTino Performance Series, a festival celebrating works by Black, Latino and Blatino artists. The festival runs Oct 6–Oct 27 at BAAD!, and will showcase a variety of captivating queer dance and performance. Highlights include Dr. Juanita Diaz-Cotto discussing her anthology Compa eras: Latina Lesbians; Dancin’ By Any Means Necessary, a contemporary dance concert featuring a bevy of fresh, hip and daring choreographers who stomp adversity to create expressive work; and A Litany for Survival: The Life Of Audre Lorde, an epic portrait of the eloquent, award-winning , Black lesbian/po-et/activist Audre Lorde.

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange Space Grant recipients Carrie Ahern, Abigail Browde and Chris Yon present new work developed while rehearsing at BAX this summer, Oct 19–20 at BAX. These artists were awarded free rehearsal space in a competitive panel process to develop new work. Don’t miss choreographer Carrie Ahern’s The Unity of Skin, which asks through the expressive motion of dance whether there is one eternal, unchanging form, or if everything and everyone is infinitely malleable.

Oct 18–21, Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) presents SPLICE, a fusing of two accomplished female choreographer’s visions in one stunning dance performance. Alexandra Beller’s blends passionate movement and demanding text, challenging the American obsession with happiness by deconstructing self-help manuals, spiritual guidance, and children’s television in an effort to find out why we must be so happy. Then, with robust athleticism characterized by raw elegance, Adele Myers transforms the theater with her dance for six women into an intimate and accessible space, exposing the underbelly of modern motherhood.

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