The Very Best Of NYC Comedy/Variety (October 2009)

9th Annual Miss Lez Pageant, Killer Queen Burlesque! and more!

Murray "Mr. Showbiz" Hill, is proud to present and host the legendary 9th Annual Miss Lez Pageant at the brand new Knitting Factory Oct 11. The pageant is a wildly provocative, insane, jaw-dropping alternative beauty pageant for queer womyn that blows the lid off of "gender representation" and shines the spotlight on New York’s underground queer scene. Six contestants chosen from thousands of applicants will be competing against each other in the following categories: Platform, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Interview and Talent. However, The Miss Lez Pageant takes the traditional, "straight" and out-dated beauty pageants and turns it upside down, inside-out, outside-in, by giving queer womyn the chance to interpret what beauty and a pageant means to them. In other words, there are no rules and the outcome is always worth the price of admission.
Burlesque stars Anita Cookie and Clams Casino and emcee Neil O’Fortune, return to the Joe’s Pub stage with Killer Queen Burlesque! A tribute to the music of Queen, Killer Queen Burlesque made its debut in early 2008 and has been a most-requested show ever since; now it returns with a new, all-star cast for a night of funny, campy, sexy performances combining striptease with live music and comedy, all unified by Queen’s unstoppable lineup of hits. Only a tribute packed with glamour, outrageousness and glitter can truly do justice to the rock star magic of Freddie Mercury, and the best of NYC’s bump ‘n’ grinders will bring a whole new meaning to the theme from Flash Gordon! Killer Queen Burlesque is dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind…anytime!

When the business day comes to a close, and the television lineup just isn’t cutting it, check out Late Nite@DNA. Relax, have a drink and enjoy GRRRlesque on Oct 16 & 17. An assemblage of female performance artists (and a few musicians) with a penchant for burlesque sensibilities, GRRRlesque is not for the weak at heart. They are women; hear them GRRR. Hosted and curated by Howling Vic, these fearless raconteurs will delight with feathers, fiddles and fan dances. The two-night stellar lineup includes Aimee Norwich’s mini-orchestra, The Bill Murray Experience, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Dulce De Leche, Fetchin’ Gretchen, Honi Harlow, Nasty Canasta, Plum Manchego, Robin Cloud, Susana Cook, Tallulah Love & Miss Wendyloo Jones. Stroll through DNA’s second floor gallery space to catch an up-close glimpse of the burlesque beauties on canvas.

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