The Very Best Of NYC Comedy/Variety (September 8-October 2)

NY Burlesque Festival, Glitterature and more!


In the last decade, burlesque has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, proving itself as a style of entertainment that is flourishing and here to stay.  From Gypsy’s resurrection on Broadway to burlesque scenes on the hit television show Gossip Girl, the bump n’ grind has shimmied it’s way back into popular culture. Helping to lead this colorful charge is The Annual New York Burlesque Festival, now teasing its way into its seventh year. It remains the largest burlesque event in the world and has attracted sold-out crowds since its launch in 2002. This year’s performances, which take place at various venues throughout the city Oct 14, features offerings from The World Famous *BOB*, Murray Hill, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Miss Astrid and more.

From a farm in California to the nightclubs of NYC and the stages of the world, The World Famous *BOB* delights in a storytelling tour of one of NYC’s most well-loved downtown darlings. In One Man Show, at Joe’s Pub Sept 10, revel in an evening of heartache, amazement, and laughter as the tale unfolds of a 15-year-old New Wave farm girl that decides her destiny is to become a professional drag queen. Raised by a pack of gays, she soon sees the whole world through their eyes from living in a Camaro, her years of work as an unsuccessful sex worker, to her transformation into a burlesque star.

HyperGender Burlesque returns with a splash of tan and sea salt in their wigs to bring you their third annual back-to-school special, Zoology 101, at the WOW Cafe Theater Sept 12.  Zoology 101 brings you the wildest animals of the world …without their lovely collars. This is an eco-friendly show, so we promise no animals were harmed in this production whatsoever.  Award-winning performers N and JZ Bitch host and star as the aquatic jellyfish and the charming Frog Prince, with guests Lady Scoutington as The Lion Tamer, Jenny C’est Quoi as the Walrus and more.

Just in time to go back to school, Sweet and Nasty Burlesque presents a survey of great boobs and great books with GLITTERATURE 101.  On Sept 21 at Public Assembly, the sexiest bookworms this side of the Library of Congress will strip in honor of classic literature, presenting burlesque tributes to the hottest summer reading list ever.  This extra-curricular extravaganza will feature new works and breast-sellers that even the Dewey Decimal System can’t contain.

“Make love not war,” Brooklyn-style! Eight years after the tragic events of 9/11, check out a presentation of CONJURE, a commitment to spirit, life, peace and love, at Brooklyn’s Littlefield Sept 11. Live recordings of performances by YaliniDream and The Ganessa James Rock Trio are followed by DJ Rimarkable, DJ Ak-Right and DJ Beto on the decks, and YaliniDream conjuring spirit in a call for a just peace.

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