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Revealed Burlesque, Sweet & Nasty Burlesque and more!


Brought to you by the Power Couple of Burlesque (GiGi La Femme and Doc Wasabassco) is a cutting-edge burlesque show with a sinfully dirty twist: Revealed Burlesque (May 20 at Under St. Mark’s). This unique and extra-sultry night features the sexiest, most notorious burlesque performers in New York City as you’ve never seen them before! Revealed promises you more bang for your buck than any other show in town. What surprises will the girls have in store for us this month? Come find out and experience an evening of salacious striptease and skin, where the climax of each number leaves everything…Revealed.

Burlesque has got a brand new bag! May 25, Sweet & Nasty Burlesque is bustin’ loose at FUNK NIGHT, part of the New Monday Night Burlesque at Public Assembly. Get down and dirty with funky twists on burlesque favorites: Funked-up fan dances, soulful tassel-twirling, and plenty of bump-and-groove, all to a soundtrack of some of the finest funk music ever laid down. Featuring Broadway Brassy, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Gal Friday, GiGi La Femme, Jonny Porkpie and host Nasty Canasta.

Two lesbians walk into a bar. One marries a go-go boy.  All three get drop-kicked into the Bermuda Triangle of U.S. Immigration. See Brazil Nuts, this hilarious new comedy featuring Susan Jeremy, star of P.S. 69 and two-time Just for Laughs winner, at THE TANK June 9.

May 8–30 at The Sage Theater, catch GO-GO KILLERS—a campy, stylized, choreographic, retro-futuristic performance that depicts the New York metropolitan area ten years hence, imagining the potentially horrific outcomes of both the current economic crisis and the global warming debacle. By “2019,” the gulf between rich and poor has been so widened that anything approximating the middle class ceases to exist.  Hordes of stylishly violent women, comprised of go-go dancing gang debs, roam America’s underbelly with the intent to kidnap or kill each member of a list of the nation’s wealthiest citizens. Pulp entertainment takes the stage by a dancing storm!

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