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Julie Goldman’s Offensive Women, Urban Erotika and more…


Have you ever wondered why people are so [bleep]ing sensitive? Well, you’re in good company. That’s just the question that drives the monthly show presented by Eve Ensler and Julie Goldman, Offensive Women, showing at the Zipper Factory Dec 5 & 6. Just as having more than one woman in a comedy show can be considered an offense to tradition, the ideas here are about context and intent. This all-female line up of comedians takes on the notion of attack in fearless and uncensored manners. Beyond being downright dirty, this group of offensive women aims to create a haven for funny ladies to open up about whatever is on their mind, and, of course, be hilarious.

And speaking of sensitive, you might want to bring a special someone who’s sensitive bits you’d like to explore to see the Brown Girls Burlesque performance in Urban Erotika on Nov 15 at the Bowery Poetry Club. With a tag line that says, “Save the Erotic, Save the World” and a legacy of super sexy performances you can be sure that this show will get you (and your date!) all worked up and ready to…save the world? I think you know what we mean.

Joan Rivers! (We thought that would snap you out of it.) The legend is performing at the Cutting Room on the 19th of Nov and the 10th of Dec, and you can be sure that there will be lots of slicing, dicing and self-deprecating humor abounding. Her latest production is a workshopping effort and is said to be her most uninhibited standup routine yet. As if that isn’t enough for you, all proceeds are donated to two of her favorite charities: Gods Love We Deliver and Guide Dogs for the Blind. If you’ve never seen Joan Rivers in person you should be warned: no one in the audience is safe. Proceed with caution.

Another woman of many faces is the award-winning drag king Elizabeth “Macha” Marrero, who has a brief run at the Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance with her show Retro Petro. One her six shows created and developed at BAAD, this celebrates the power of the ghetto matriarch through Petronelia, a voracious and unstoppable Latina who does many things, not the least of which is having an affair with drag king Macha (also played by Marrero). Whether or not you’re intimately familiar with the archetypes portrayed in this one-woman show, you can bet on laughing your stomach into a knot.

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