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Get a rare glimpse into the spectrum of identity (communal, sexual and cultural) as seen through the lenses of American photographer Catherine Opie, showing at the Guggenheim, which runs September 26 through January 27.  The exhibit that covers a range of subjects captured on film, from portraits of transgender people to sprawling urban landscapes.  Opie has won numerous awards and honors, including the 2006 US Artists Fellowship, and has shown in galleries worldwide.

Be sure to stop in to the open studio at the Twitch Gallery on the 20th to check out the bold and beautiful paintings of Twiz Rimer, which focus on gender variant art, challenging the viewer to consider the gender binary.  Space is limited, so email your RSVP (via to get the address, and if you can’t make it to the open studio, you can make an appointment for a private viewing.

Another stop worth making is the Dumbo Arts Center’s 12th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival, which turns the neighborhood into a free, interactive arena of experimental art the weekend of September 26 to 28.  This year’s theme is “Expect the Unexpected” and boasts 65+ new public art projects, 100+ local artists opening their studio doors and a non-stop cutting edge video art installation featuring artists from around NYC and the world.

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