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Dali: Painting and Film and Queer Covers…


Through Sept 15, the Metropolitan Museum of Art presents Dalí: Painting and Film. Explore cinema’s key role in Dalí’s work through over 130 major paintings, drawings and films by the infamous surrealist provocateur who brought you melting clocks, stilted elephants and too many tiny crutches to count.

If you haven’t seen Queer Covers: Lesbian Survival Literature at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, then it’s high time you did just that. The permanent exhibit features the cover art of of old-school lesbian pulp novels from 1939 through 1965. The controversial paperbacks, which Archive founder Joan Nestle has called “survival literature,” are gleaned from the nooks and crannies where closeted lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious wives and mothers hid them in their mid-century homes.

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