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Lesbians Seeing Lesbians, Queer Bodies, Digital Art Fall Kick-Off

The Leslie-Lohman Art Gallery presents Lesbians Seeing Lesbians: Building Community in Early Feminist Photography showing Sep 14 – Oct 22. In the wake of the Civil Rights movement, the 1970s brought a feminist revolution with lesbians, not always acceptably, to the forefront. In pursuit of personal and political liberation, lesbians photographed each other within their emerging lesbian feminist community, asserting their right to self-representation within a context of straight men, gay men and straight women. This exhibition focuses on three of the most prominent photographers of this early generation: Tee A. Corinne, JEB (Joan E. Biren) and Cathy Cade. The exhibition also pays tribute to these pioneering women by showing work of contemporary lesbian photographers.

Galeria, Queens’ newest alternative art space, launches a monthly exhibition program dedicated to showcasing queer art by local and national artists working in various media. The first exhibition, Queer Bodies, on display through Sep 21, focuses on visual representations of the masculine and feminine physique and the manner in which gender and identity are constructed. Featured work and artists include Carl Ferrero, Anthony Gonzales, Tai Lin, Giustina Surbone, Angel L. Brown, Emma Gluckman, Dahn Hiuni, Andrew Mueller, Tamara Wyndham, Kevin Simmonds and Jess Whittam. Come witness the tantalizing color and subject matter of never seen before works of art splashed across digital canvases at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art Fall Kick-Off Group Show through Sep 14. The exhibit is a diverse visual collection of lush landscapes, fantastical stilllife, arresting portraits and first ever UV erotica and features artists from around the world including Angela Pesqueira, Cynthia Decker, Kathleen Curran and more.

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