The Very Best of NYC Art

GLAAD OutAuction’s Best Emerging Artists, theanyspacewhatever and more…


Opening early this month at the Jewish Museum is Susan Hiller: The J Street Project, which runs through February. Inspired by happenstance while the artist was in Berlin, this exhibit is partially comprised of photographs of street signs in Germany that contain the prefix Juden, which translates to Jews, and denoted the community that once inhabited the area. In 1938 the Nazi regime had all the street names that referred to Jews changed, but post-war they began to be restored (the process is ongoing) and now serve as a reminder of the lives that were uprooted and destroyed.

The W Hotel Times Square is exhibiting the GLAAD OutAuction’s Best Emerging Artist competition. Featured in the exhibit is last year’s winner, An Xiao, whose most recent series touches upon the impermanence of nature, especially the fleeting moments between seasons. Don’t worry if you don’t make it over before Nov 14 when the exhibit closes, the piece will also be on display at this year’s auction on Nov 23.

In a decidedly unique combination of hotel and art, theanyspacewhatever provides patrons with a special opportunity to spend the night in the rotunda at the Guggenheim on four slowly rotating discs, complete with all the luxury amenities a proper hotel should have, including a desk, a changing area, champagne, and your very own security guard. Guests can book the “room” for the night and experience the thrill of having all the lights in the museum turned off when the time comes for some shuteye. The revolving room is on display through Jan 7.

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