The Very Best of NYC Art

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Netherlands native Kathe Burkhart’s first solo U.S. exhibition is on view now through Jan 7 at P.S.1. Burkhart frankly engages gender roles, sexuality, celebrity and language in an interdisciplinary art form. Her Liz Taylor Series uses pop art imagery and assemblage to critique representation and the sexual politics of identity. Images of Liz Taylor overlaid with profanities provide a platform in which Burkhart addresses feminist resistance, female dominance and sexual power. Additionally, the exhibition will feature haikus by the artist, who is also known as a writer, as well as a new photography display of covert documentary-style portraits taken at clothing-optional public beaches.

Now through Dec 2, the gallery at New World Stages will feature SOLACE, an exhibition of the artwork of dykon, comedian, ex-View host, author, and now artist Rosie O’Donnell. A “hobby collage maker” turned “stunning visual artist,” O’Donnell’s has crossed over into a completely different medium of expression and now the world can get a glimpse of her personal and politically-charged work. O’Donnell draws inspiration from her family, the senselessness of war, and our post-9/11 society to create striking images of anger, hope and of course, SOLACE.

Some of the world’s most radical, absorbing, fearless digital artists and creationists converge in OFFF, at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center through Nov 4. OFFF is a forum that embraces post digital creation, and provides a home for those seeking a new, risky, safe-haven for music, digital design, installations and software art.

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