‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 5

I think my dream of Tess and Rebecca are dashed.

I was still reeling from Shane’s beautiful ex-wife showing up at her surprise party when episode five opened with an intimate scene between Shane and Quiara. And, Holy Shit; she is pregnant. My heart is being pulled towards the impossible situation of Shane being Quiara’s partner without being a parent to her child. Realistically, Shane and I both know this is impossible, but we both want it to be possible. Quiara’s confidence and way of handling Shane are tantalizing. I wish we got to see them together!

Alice has her priorities straight by eating cake amid the chaos of waking up post threesome with her girlfriend and girlfriend’s ex-wife. Nat suddenly can’t remember instigating the threesome; I smell trouble. For such a great communicator, Nat is being very tight-lipped about her emotions. It sounds like she needs some space right now. Are they really gonna be a throuple? Looks like it — for now.

Tess has to deal with a hungover Finley as she cleans up the bar. Hopefully, Tess will help her clean up her act. Finley is botching an apology to Rebecca, who deserves better. Maybe Tess and Rebecca should hang out. I’d love that for them! Finley learns the hard lesson that you have to want to be better for yourself, not for someone else.

Tess keeps being the hero of this episode when she stands up to Shane for having sex with her girlfriend. However, in a moment alone, she grabs a bottle when Lena doesn’t pick up her frantic calls for help. It turns out Finley has been a bad influence on Tess, not the other way around. And then they hooked up, so I think my dream of Tess and Rebecca are dashed.

Dani and Sophie have yet another issue with Dani’s father, because he sends them a homophobic prenup. I was turned on when Dani storms away from him and said, “Fuck you.” Sophie makes some excellent points about boundary building that Dani dismisses and opts to shut down rather than communicate. Maribel (Sophie’s sister) is the best communicator in this relationship; unfortunately, she is not in this relationship.

José drops the L bomb on Micah, and everyone gasped in unison — I think across the whole city. I think there is less oxygen in the world because of this one line. When they discuss the slip up later, José wants to know how Micah feels, to which he understandably claims to be confused by José’s inconsistencies. Micah invites José to fuck him, and it is extremely hot.

When someone steps out of a car in sexy shoes and wide-legged pants it can be Dani, Bette, or Felicity, and no one else. I don’t really understand why they can’t be together, but maybe I’m just missing it. Bette’s mom instincts come out when she sees Dani crying at her desk in the night. I wish she was this vulnerable with Sophie.
I’m living for the crew all going nuts for Angelica moving the cot in the play.

Unfortunately, Felicity’s husband shows up (oh, that’s why they can’t be together!) and shoves Angie. Bette defends her by pushing him down the stairs. She regrets it, but I kind of wish she had punched him.

If you need me, don’t call me; I’ll be rewatching the scene between José and Micah.

Big Revelations

  • Angie has a crush on Jordi!!

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