“The L Word: Generation Q” Episode 201: Lena Waithe, Interrupted Vows, & Blind Dates, Oh My!

Warning! This article contains spoilers for last night’s episode.

After two long years, we finally learned who Sophie chose in the first season finale of “The L Word: Generation Q.”

The second season opener, which aired over the weekend, began with a lavish engagement party for Sophie and Dani at the Núñez mansion. The couple, who postponed their Hawaiian elopement in favor for a more traditional matrimony, were headed for the altar with the blessing of Dani’s father, who had finally accepted Sophie into the family. 

But of course, this is “The L Word,” so we know marital bliss isn’t likely in the cards for Dani and Sophie, or for anyone, really, as each of our characters faces a season’s worth of relationship drama. 

First off, we have Bette, who is introduced for the first time to Carrie, Tina’s fiancé (played by lesbian icon Rosie O’Donnell), an amiable, chatty public defender who immediately rubs Bette the wrong way after  suggesting that Angie (Jordan Hull) take a DNA test to learn more about her biological father. 

Then we have Alice, who is learning that a monogamous two-way relationship with Nat might not be quite as exciting as she’d hoped (it’s never a good idea when your partner falls asleep during sex, is it?). 

And then there’s Leo who, despite learning about José’s marriage, can’t quite seem to break things off with his steamy neighbor. 

The episode also introduces us to some new faces, and surprising, previously-unannounced guest stars. In addition to O’Donnell, Griffin Dunne joins the cast as Isaac Zakarian, an art gallery owner trying to lure Bette in with a lucrative position despite their mutual loathing. And lesbian powerhouse actor/writer/producer Lena Waite makes an appearance as Eddie, the leader of an underground poker club Shane gets invited to (let’s just say there might be a little … misunderstanding between them about Eddie’s wife). 

There’s plenty of room for new relationship drama, too. In a bid to occupy Gigi, Alice and Nat set her up on a blind date with Bette. The evening gets off to a rocky start, although the arrival of Tina and Carrie at the same restaurant provides Gigi with an opening that seems to spark a genuine connection between her and Bette.

And although Sophie has chosen Dani over Finley, you know Finley is still very much in the picture. Sophie’s insistence that “she’s staying in Kansas City forever,” only guarantees that it’s only a matter of time that she pops up — which she does in the episode’s final minutes, throwing the whole Sophie-Finley-Dani love triangle into chaos once more. 

The second episode airs Friday on demand and streaming with Showtime, and on Showtime Sunday, August 15th.

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