Target Continues Anti-Gay Donations

Target contributed funds to anti-gay political candidates’ campaigns even after apologizing for doing so in August

Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show that mega-retailer Target continued contributing to the campaigns of anti-gay politicians even after apologizing for similar donations.

Target’s Chairman, President and CEO Greg Steinhafel issued a letter of apology in August 2010 after the chain came under fire for its record of giving money to political candidates with outspoken anti-gay views. A new report by The Awl shows that Target continued donating to anti-gay politicians after the apology, including some of the same candidates the retailer had been criticized for supporting.

According to The Awl, “After Steinhafel’s August 5 letter, Target’s Political Action Committee, helmed by the former right hand of Senator Thune, Matt Zabel, recorded $41,200 in federal election activity. Of that total, $31,200 went to anti-gay rights politicians or PACs supporting those candidates.”

Target’s representative refused to respond to inquiries by The Awl asking for an explanation for the ongoing contributions.



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