Seven Minutes In Heaven With Sex Writer Gigi Engle

“What drives me is a desire to help women of all backgrounds.”

Welcome to Seven Minutes in Heaven, GO Magazine’s interview series that profiles a different queer babe each day, by asking them seven unique (and sometimes random) questions. Get to know the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of the groundbreaking, fierce forces-of-nature in the queer community.

I’ve known the fab Gigi Engle for about four years now.

We met when we were both “Sex and Dating” writers at a popular millennial publication, and we were probably two of the most salacious, unafraid-to-discuss-the-gory-details-of-our-sex-lives writers on our team. I always respected Gigi’s ability to unabashedly to throw herself out there whilst never seeming phased by the plethora of male trolls that harassed all of us on the regular. In fact, I learned heaps from Engle’s awesome confidence and fierceness, and in turn, I stopped giving a shit about the opinions of trolls too (thank you, Gigi)!

Gigi’s career and loyal fan base have only sky-rocketed in the last couple of years. She pens well-researched, interesting articles about feminism and sexuality constantly, and has written for some of the most respected publications in the industry (Cosmo, Teen Vogue, Glamour and Marie Claire to name a few!). I wasn’t surprised at all when she announced that she had scored a coveted book deal with St. Martin’s Press. I mean, of course this babe was going to snag a book deal!

Since most of you have probably read some of Gigi’s work soaring across the internet, I decided it was time for you to get to know the woman behind the sexy, informative articles. Which is why I’m super excited for today’s “Seven Minutes In Heaven” starring the one and only Gigi Engle!

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Gigi Engle: I’m Gigi Engle, a sex writer and educator based in Chicago. I’ve been writing about sexual health and feminism for what feels like forever. My work has appeared in many of publications such as Cosmo, Elle, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and Women’s Health.

I’m also working on my first book about sexuality with St. Martin’s Press.

GO: What is the driving force behind your career/activism/work?

GE: The most important thing to be is visible for issues that other people don’t want to talk about. We live in a severely sex-negative culture that unfairly subjugates and regulates female sexuality. My goal is to provide science-based information on sexual health so that people have positive resources to turn to.

As far as the speaking and education aspects of my career, what drives me is a desire to help women of all backgrounds and identities feel less alone and feel seen.

GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

GE: I have a wonderful support system. My family fully encourages my career and has pushed me forward every step of the way. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I can always count on them to lift me up.

I also turn to some of the great female heroes I love. Reading work from Jessica Valenti, Betty Dodson, Audre Lorde and many others helps to remind me that my work is important and we as women need to speak up and project our voices.

GO: Who are your biggest queer lady role models?

GE: I absolutely love Audre Lorde, Ruby RoseTegan & Sara, and Tina Horn. Each of these women is inspiring in their own unique ways. Whether it’s through activism, music, art, or poetry.

GO: Describe yourself in three words?

GE: Confident, Fierce, Loud.

That’s a wrap. (Makeup by @rileynightingall & direction by @benoosh)

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GO: What music are you listening to right now?

GE: I’m listening to a lot of Alanna Myles and Prince lately.

GO: Where can people find you?
Instagram: GigiEngle
Twitter: @GigiEngle
Facebook: GigiEngleWriter

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