Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Cruel Intentions Lesbian Kiss Was ‘Like a Live Performance’

“She has very soft lips.”

It wasn’t just voyeuristic audiences ogling the now famous kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in the 1999 movie “Cruel Intentions.” Gellar revealed to Buzzfeed UK there were about 250 people watching live at the time it was filmed.

It was a beautiful sunny day in New York the day they filmed the kiss.”So, where did everybody go for lunch, to walk and be outside? Central Park,” Gellar joked in the video interview with BuzzFeed UK. “Guess where we were filming that scene? Central Park.”

“So, we had about 250 audience members; it was like a live performance. But it was so noisy because there were so many people, we had to re-record the entire scene afterward, every line,” Gellar said.

As if the scene isn’t fodder for our fantasies already, Gellar added, “[Selma Blair] has very soft lips … I just love Cruel Intentions, and I love kissing Selma Blair.”

That’s not all she had to say about kissing her costar. Gellar spoke to PEOPLE last June about all the times she and her longtime friend Blair, have recreated the “Cruel Intentions” kiss. “I mean, why wait? We do it all the time. I love that girl,” she told PEOPLE. “She has a very smooth, very easy face to kiss.”

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