Ruby Rose Looks Hot AF In The New Trailer For ‘Batwoman’

The new trailer is finally here!

We’ve never needed a hero more, so it’s a good thing Ruby Rose is here for us. Rose plays Kate Kane (alter ego: Batwoman) in the upcoming CW show “Batwoman,” and will be the first lesbian superhero we have been blessed with. While thousands of lesbians have been waiting anxiously for the show to premiere, the CW has been keeping us on tenterhooks. Batwoman first appeared in the epic “Elseworlds” superhero crossover event, but, since then, the CW had only released a brief teaser trailer featuring Rose in front of a beaming bat signal.

Now, the full “Batwoman” trailer is finally here and confirms that not only will she be the first lesbian superhero, but the show will also actually feature an explicitly lesbian storyline.

In the trailer, we see Kate Kane and her father fighting over Kane’s potential role in helping to solve crime after Batman—Kane’s cousin—has left off. When Kane’s girlfriend Sophie is kidnapped, Kane steps up and takes on the role of Batwoman. When altering the Batman suit to fit her, Kane declares that she wants to make it clear that she is a woman, because she is “not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”

As the trailer says, the hero we need is here.

Show writer Natalie Abrams tweeted a link to the new trailer and said, “I really can’t stop watching the “Batwoman” trailer. As a Jewish leskate kane

bian, I am beyond proud to see a character like myself on TV — and even more lucky to be writing her.” Hopefully, having at least one queer writer working on the story will help ensure that Kane’s sexuality is treated authentically.

CW announced that “Batwoman” will air on Sundays in the fall directly before “Supergirl.” The network commissioned a pilot in January and ordered a full series this month.

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