Music: Wire Daisies, WireDaisies (Merovingian Music/Transistor Project)

Wiredaises’ latest effort!

Treana Morris is more than just eye-candy. The hot, out lesbian lead singer of the Wire Daises, Morris contributes the heartfelt vocals and some of the lyrics to a band about to take the American pop scene by storm with their newest, self-titled album. Their first album, Just Another Day, was a hit in both the UK and France in 2003, and now, Morris and the Wire Daises are primed to hop across the pond and win over American audiences with their honest pop-folk melodies.

"Rocket Girl," the first single, is a love song that pays tribute to a faraway lover. Morris sings sweetly, "now I live in a plastic world/but I don’t want to love a plastic girl." Already a hit in the UK, "Rocket Girl" is a catchy tune that fans of pop-rock gals like Brandi Carlile or KT Tunstall (but with a slightly less bluesy feel) will enjoy. Another must-hear track is upbeat romp "Gayboy.”

The combination of slow-paced love songs, catchy pop tunes and homoerotic overtones make the second effort from the Wire Daisies a fun addition to your pop music collection.

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