Music: Annie Lennox, Songs of Mass Destruction (Arista)

Review of Annie Lennox’s latest album.

After a four-year hiatus, Annie Lennox is back in action. Her latest album, Songs of Mass Destruction, was released on October 1st and features 12 tracks that are at once refreshing and reminiscent of Lennox’s earlier work. It is a fine mix of up-tempo pop songs and piano-driven ballads that will appeal especially to long-term Lennox fans.

The first single, "Dark Road," is one of the best on the album—a power ballad that crescendos with Lennox’s famous vocals. The song will remind listeners of the forceful lyrics and voice that have made her a legend.

"Sing," a raucous feminist anthem, begins with an introduction calling for HIV and AIDS programs in South Africa. According to Lennox, it was inspired by Lennox’s involvement with Nelson Mandela and The Treatment Action Campaign, which fights for the rights of those affected by HIV and AIDS worldwide. The track features a rousing chorus of 23 female vocalists including, Celine Dion, Melissa Etheridge, Fergie, Faith Hill, k.d. lang, Madonna, Beth Orton, Pink, Bonnie Raitt, Shakira and KT Tunstall. Their call and response harmonies represent a call to action sure to inspire fans of any of these artists.

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