Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black by Carianne Older

While you may know Rebecca Black from her 2011 cultural hit “Friday,” the singer wants you to know she’s more than just a viral YouTube video. This year, Black released “Girlfriend,” the first track offering from her project “Rebecca Black Was Here.” Black is also a strong advocate for anti-bullying, mental health initiatives, and the LGBTQ+ community who has partnered with the AdCouncil, GLAAD, and Best Buddies in recent campaigns. “I feel it’s important that as queer people we are just as cognizant to the work that still needs to be done to provide equity, freedom and support to all aspects of our community, especially to its most vulnerable members, including Black trans women and homeless LGBTQ+ youth,” Black tells GO. “Whatever means or resources we have to help provide support to those is vital to the health of our community as a whole.” Now, as she is preparing to head out on her Rebecca Black Was Here tour early next year, Black continues to work for the community and is glad to see that, like her, others are being accepted and welcomed for their identity. “As the queer community grows every year, I am so happy and proud to see more and more queer people feeling comfortable sharing their stories, feeling confident in who they are, and encouraging others to do the same.” —IL

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