10 Queer-Owned Places To Shop Your 2019 Worldpride | Stonewall 50 Looks

Be proud of your Pride looks.

Picture this: your group chat is blowing up with all your friends sharing their outfits for Pride. One of your friends looks glorious in a sparkly bodysuit. Another is killing it in rainbow fringe. Then, they ask you what you’re planning on wearing. Whoops, you still haven’t bought anything to wear to WorldPride | Stonewall 50!

Well, if that sounds like you, fear not! We’ve done the work to find queer-owned companies that are selling the hottest Pride collections, so you can go out, buy something super hot, and support your fellow queers! Whether you’re a dapper lady or a crop top connoisseur, these queer-owned brands are the key to a lot AF Pride look!

1. TomboyX

It wouldn’t be a true queer-owned clothing round-up if we didn’t include TomboyX! This quintessential gay brand was founded by Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez on the mission of creating better underwear. Basically, they wanted to make underwear that anyone could feel comfortable in, regardless of gender, orientation, or anything else. Their Pride collection is the perfect thing to wear if you want to ensure you’re looking cute AND feeling comfortable

2. Revel & Riot


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only a few rainbow mountain tees left in our shop! #pride #rainbows #lgbtq #politicaltshirt #equality #nojusticenopride

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Revel & Riot is a queer-owned non-profit making art and graphics with a message. Their overall mission is to use t-shirts as canvases to promote LGBTQ+ equality, pride, visibility, and justice. Wear one of the shirts from their Pride collection to help spread the art and the love!

3. Between Lines Clothing

Between The Lines has a simple mission statement: create clothing that breaks gender barriers. The brand is queer-owned and was originally founded by a lesbian who liked wearing men’s clothing but who wanted to feel like it was clothing for her too, not just men. Now, with an Etsy shop full of everything from Pride flags to dad hats, there’s something for any look you want to sport this Pride season

4. The Tie Bar


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Feeling Prideful in Washington, happy Parade Day DC @rahsallthat 🌈🌈🌈

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The Tie Bar is definitely queer-owned, as it was founded by “Modern Family” star jessie Tyler Ferguson, and is the perfect addition to any dapper Pride wardrobe! While the company’s Pride collection is a bit more subtle and for the more posh of the queers, these ties are sure to look great on anyone’s neck this June.

5. Stuzo Clothing

Stuck Clothing is a gender-free company that creates clothing for the non-conforming and bold at heart who just want to wear clothing they like! While the brand isn’t dishing out a classic Pride collection, any of their day-to-day clothes can be worn to sport your true you.

6. WildFang


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We’re gearing up for PRIDE! You ready? 😋🌈 Link in bio

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WildFang was founded on a principle I think we can all get behind: all womxn have the right to wear whatever they want and be whoever they want. Not only is the company a badass feminist brand, but they are also philanthropic; in 2018 alone, WildFang raised over $400 thousand for charities supporting human and women-focused rights. With everything from acrylic pins to overalls, you could feasibly supply your entire Pride wardrobe at WildFang.

7. The Phluid Project


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Pride is a celebration of authenticity and diversity. 🌈 LGBTQIA+ encompasses an entire community of individuals pushing past societal boundaries through identity, fashion, and self-expression. 💅 @thefairytink shows us what it means to be authentic in the 21st century, 50 years after the Stonewall Riots #in50years we hope for the internalized hate of our community to end, so we can further the safety, equality, and acceptance of ALL within our community. 🤩✊ Happy #pride #nycpride #stonewall50 #worldpride2019 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 • • • 📸: @thomasevansphotography HMUA: @lowps @ctabassi Creative: @jbang1 @tea4tunes @prestonsouza Styling: @antoine.rabiet @tyandnyc

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The Phluid Project is a clothing store with an international focus on gender-neutral clothing and an aim to create an inclusive and socially engaged community space. With no “men’s” or “women’s” section, customers are free to pick out, try on, and take home the clothing that most speaks to them, regardless of who it was “intended” for. The Phluid Project actually offers a number of Pride collections for you to browse and buy from for this 2019 WorldPride season, like this official collaboration with WorldPride | Stonewall 50.

8. Otherwild


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June is our favorite month, but we celebrate pride all year long 🌈 How Dare You Assume tee captured by @naughty.bambi

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Otherwild stocks tons of different foods from a variety of local artists, so you get to do double good when you shop here, because you’re supporting a queer-owned business and local artists! The theme of Otherwild is loving yourself and embracing diversity. Is there any better message? Shop the Pride collection now to spread the love.

9. Fluide

Fluide Beauty was founded as a way to see queer beauty represented by queer people and is a collection of colorful, cruelty-free makeup for people of all identities and presentations. The company also names its products after queer spaces around the globe, paying tribute to the importance of LGBTQ spaces. Check out the brand’s Pride line here to make your June beauty looks extra poppin’!

10. Tyler Wallach Studio

Tyler Wallach is an innovative and independent queer artist based in New York who is known for his bright and bold street-art inspired characters and patterns. Self-described as “the 1988 love child of Keith Haring and Lisa Frank,” Wallach crafts vibrant rainbow art in a variety of different styles, from t-shirts to fanny packs, that will be a perfect addition to your eye-catching Pride wardrobe.


Happy Pride!

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