Queer October HORRORscopes: Buckle Up, B*tches, We’ll Be In Mercury Retrograde For The Election

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom & gloom, lezzies…

October is here! Break out your coziest flannels and buckle up for a month that promises to provide an astrological rollercoaster. We kick off the month with a full moon in Aries. This energy will bring with it a burst of creativity. And while there is a lot out of our control this year, this full moon reminds us that there are still things within our control, such as the way we respond to what life throws at us. 

Mercury retrograde kicks off in the sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, October 13th and ends on Tuesday, November 3rd (yeah, you read that correctly). Scorpio is a paranoid sign that brings with it a lot of intensity, so you can expect this retrograde during election season to be particularly stressful. Self-care is imperative during this time, so try to avoid drama with exes, eat healthy foods, and take lots of social media breaks. 

We’ll welcome the energy of a new moon in Libra on Friday, October 16th. You may be feeling the love that day, so be sure to reach out to your loved ones and share your sweetness. Libra rules justice and fairness, so keep an open heart, and a balanced outlook on life. 

We usher in Scorpio season on October 22nd. Scorpio is intense, so keep yourself in check before falling into obsessive thoughts and behaviors about exes or new lovers. Whatever you’re feeling is likely to be felt extra, so be gentle with yourself. On October 31st, we end the month with another full moon, this time in Taurus. That’s an invitation to make a delicious dinner, get cozy on the couch, and treat yourself — or to put on your sexiest Halloween costume and turn up. Either way. 

Without further ado: your October 2020 horoscopes! 


The full moon on the 1st in the sign of Aries is a celebration of your passion and drive in life. You’ll feel particularly powerful as the month kicks off. And while you’ll be feeling high on life and even more emboldened than usual, just remember that everyone will be feeling a bit Aries-like, so try not to have friction or words with someone who is feeling more combative than usual. You’ll feel a little tamer throughout the rest of the month, and by mid-month, you’ll want to really calm down. Save your money, time, and energy only on the things that are closest to your heart. Your “all or nothing” way of thinking isn’t going to serve you well this month, so it would do you well to see that life often operates in “shades of grey.” Your need to live large and never relax needs to take a backseat to devoting yourself only to what truly matters. 


The planet Venus is here to teach you some lessons on work and play this month. On the 2nd, your creative blocks will fall away, and you’ll find it easier to express yourself through your creativity. Your spirits will feel lifted, and any roadblocks you run into can be approached with a “can do” attitude instead of getting stuck in misery. Although you may feel a bit “ho-hum” about the mundane parts of life — chores, work, responsibilities — it’ll be wise to see these things as a blessing to living a fulfilled life. By mid-month, your focus will need to turn inwards. Find the power inside of yourself to create your own happiness. The full moon at the end of the month will light the way for you to feel empowered. Use this power to improve your outlook on life and watch as more good comes your way. 


Mercury — your ruling planet — goes into retrograde on the 13th of this month. And while it’s likely to stir up some of your buried feelings, it’s nothing you can’t handle. That said, it won’t necessarily be easy; these memories that pop up bring with them some tough feelings. Sit with it, journal, and be patient with yourself. Your schedule and routine will bear the brunt of the retrograde’s influence, with even your best-laid plans getting thrown off. Don’t try to fight what’s happening this month. Go with the flow and you’ll be better off for it. Maintain your sense of humor throughout the month, and don’t take yourself so seriously when the going gets tough. 


This month is all about listening to your intuition, dear Cancer. Particularly when Mercury goes retrograde, listening to that inner wisdom (that’s telling you not to text your ex!) is the wisest choice to make. You may find your empathy is in overdrive this month. That, along with your increased intuition, will help you rise above any drama that people try to stir up into your life.  This is a good month to get your home into the cozy nest you need it to be for Fall and Winter. Get the new plants. Buy that salt rock lamp. Adopt a furry friend. Your heart will thank you for it later. 


New and shiny things may grab your attention this month, Leo. Don’t get swept away in the glitzy and glow of new stuff and loosen the purse strings just yet. Before you splurge, ask yourself if you really need that which is calling to you. This goes for relationships, too. Don’t put your energy into someone or something who isn’t good for you or only looks good on the surface. Dig a little deeper and invest in the things — and people — who spark true joy that lasts. All that glitters is not gold. Your long-buried memories are likely to rise to the surface when Mercury goes retrograde later this month. Treasure your memories, but don’t let them blind you from the lessons you learned — how can your past lessons teach you in this moment? 


You’re not typically known as the most patient or tolerant person, Virgo, but when Venus (the planet of love and beauty) moves into your 2nd house this month, a warmth and generosity of spirit will wash over you, and you’ll find yourself giving grace when you may otherwise snap. Don’t forget to extend this grace and gentleness to yourself. You’ll find greater joy in the little moments and in connecting with people more than you would in proving yourself right. “Tenderness” is the word of the month. Once Mercury goes retrograde later this month, you may find your patience pushed to the limit, but this tenderness will give you a chance to really develop your sense of empathy not just for others but yourself. 


Happy (ongoing) birthday season, Libra! As the month kicks off, you’ll be feeling pretty, charming, and confident. (So what else is new?!) It’s okay to show off your awesome self during birthday season, but don’t feel slighted if others don’t hop on the “admire the Libra all day, every day” train. This is the time to realize that true admiration and strength come from within and not an outside source. The new moon this month may have you feeling a little more withdrawn than usual. Use that energy to lay out your monthly new moon intentions and set your birthday/yearly goals, too. Focus on your previous growth and look forward to what else you have coming in the months and years ahead. 


Mercury kicks off its retrograde season in your sign, dear Scorpio. This means you’ll really be feeling the crosshairs of miscommunication. You may find yourself revisiting and rehashing some of your most painful memories or fights with loved ones you’d have rather forgotten. Take this time to go within, ask yourself the questions about your means of creative expression and how you put yourself out into the world. The idea here is to strengthen your inner world rather than hash things out with external people. Consider how you can adjust how you’ve been approaching problems or decisions you have to make. You may feel under a microscope, but this is providing you with the time and tools you need to make the changes you need to make.


This month kicks off with a full moon in Aries, and you’ll be feeling playful, happy, and full to the brim with creative energy. Harness this energy while it lasts, because these feel-good feelings can really do wonders for lifting up your friends and loved ones. You will find yourself feeling energetic enough for all of your hobbies and favorite pastimes, too. You won’t have the time or desire to get bogged down in heavy emotions at the start of the month. The second full moon on the 31st will encourage you to find a healthy outlet for the (over) zealous energy you’ve been feeling. You’ll need to find ways to apply your energetic drive for “fun” into all areas of your life equally. You’re a grown person, so sometimes you’ve gotta let the party stop so you can get to work the next day. 


Although rest isn’t really your favorite thing to do, the full moon on the 1st is asking you to do exactly that. Take the time to enjoy the comforts of home with your closest loved ones. Your wider social network could bring with it some drama and struggles once Mercury goes retrograde mid-month. Rather than getting swept away in that and feeling like the Stern Mom of your friend group, just let them sort it out themselves. Remember that any jokes or delicate matters could get misinterpreted, so don’t worry about using flowery language. When you need to make a point, do so as directly as possible. Stick to the basics and be patient with yourself and others.  Your career trajectory is about to get elevated later in the month. But before that happens, some self-reflection during the new moon on the 16th is on the menu. What are your work goals? Do they need to be updated? Are you taking advantage of the resources at your disposal, and if not, how can you do so? Break out your charm at the end of the month with someone who needs it. 


Not gonna lie, Aquarius. This may be a rocky month for you, career-wise, Aquarius. Office gossip may bring you into the clutches of drama, so try and remove yourself and rise above. You’re better than that. You’re cerebral and know how to be drama free, so use those skills to lay low until Mercury goes direct next month. Your future self will thank you. Around the 16th, the lunar phase will ask you to nurture your drive for knowledge. Delve into a subject that you don’t know much about but have been curious about. Don’t hold yourself back from experimenting, taking a new class, or even moving somewhere completely different than where you live now. There is freedom and growth in chasing the unknown. 


This month brings us two full moons. The full moon on the 1st will help you determine the physical things you need. But rather than spending money on new items, focus instead on practicing gratitude for what you do have. The second full moon on the 31st will snap you out of your daydreams and instead help you focus on your ever-growing to-do list. You may find that everyone in your life is demanding something of you. It’s okay to say “no” and set healthy boundaries. If you have a lover/partner, this is a good month for the more difficult heart-to-hearts you’ve been putting on hold. You will find yourself being called to have open-hearted conversations with friends who you wouldn’t otherwise pour your heart out to. Follow the call of your heart and you may be surprised at what (and who!) life brings you this month. 

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