Queer Girl Fashion Icon Of The Week: Model Brittnay Vollmar Talks ‘Sexy Boho Chic’ To Us

“The way a woman carries herself is what makes her style or vibe.”

It’s no secret to queer women that lesbians are the true tastemakers in the world of style; but it’s time we got some freaking credit you know?

Which is why I decided to highlight a different iconic queer woman each week and talk to her about her fierce style in our new GO mag column “Queer Girl Fashion Icon of The Week” (Message me if you’re interested in submitting!).

If you haven’t heard of the stunningly-beautiful, insanely-stylish, beautifully-quirky Miami-based model, Brittnay Vollmar yet, rest assured. You will soon. I have a witch vibe this style-icon is about to blow up in the petite modeling scene. I’ve been following Brittnay on Instagram, for years. And you should too because her style, babes. Is. Everything.

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Brittnay Vollmar is a true style icon in every sense of the world. With jet-black waist length hair, sharp eyebrows, lashes for days, and sultry almond-shaped eyes, Brittnay is uniquely gorgeous. Her style is equally as enviable as her beauty. Her wardrobe is the perfect mix of classic femme pieces with paired with badass boots and ripped denim.

Brittnay isn’t just stylish and gorgeous, she’s incredibly bubbly and has an infectious personality too. Lucky for me, I truly have gotten to know the lovely Vollmar over the years, and it’s been amazing to watch come into her star-power. You know how some people just have that “thing’? “That thing” that makes you intrigued? “That thing” that inclines you stare? Vollmar has “that thing.” When she walks into a restaurant, the entire room turns around to take in her beautiful reflection and magnetic energy.

So, on this fine Wednesday, we are so proud at GO Mag to highlight our “Queer Girl Fashion Icon Of The Week, Brittnay Vollmar!

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Brittnay Vollmar: I’m a mouse, duh! (I make Mean Girls references daily) I’m a working model currently living in Miami, FL. I’m a girl with many layers. There’s the “bubbly Bee” my friends know and love. Then there’s the Bee I keep for me. I believe self-presentation describes a lot about someone’s creativity. The way that I present myself is the Bee that I market to the world.

GO: Who are your greatest fashion icons?

BV: My fashion icons would be #1 Rachel from friends when I’m in a 90s mood. Currently is Bella Hadid because she’s everything. Jane Birkin ( Birkin bag queen) because she invented Boho Chic!

GO: Find ten adjectives that fully describe your personal style?

BV: Confident. Classic. Polished. Simplistic. Trendy. Creative. Sexy. Feminine. Boho. Outspoken.


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GO: How do you feel about makeup?

BV: Love makeup! Rarely leave home without it. Snob by MAC has been my staple lip since high school. NARS blush lights up my cheek bones with a subtle highlight.

Before I had any idea that we would be on stage with above and beyondddd✨☾♡

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GO: Where do you shop?

BV: Local boutiques, vintage shops, and thrifts in order to keep my look original.

GO: What was your most embarrassing fashion phase? Or have you been perfect and cool forever?

BV: In middle school, my “Jenny from the block” phase.

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear to slay a job interview.

BV: Overall slacks layered with a long sleeve white blouse, paired with a pair of sharp-pointed-toe pumps. The overalls give a bit of edge, the simplicity of the rest goes well respected. I would complete the look with chic wavy locks and a neutral lip.

Photo by Courtesy of Brittnay Vollmar

GO: Describe an outfit you wear on a date with a woman you were wildly attracted to.

BV: Actually, I just went on a date and wore a blush body hugging, strappy dress. The dress had a slit down the side to show a little leg with a low cut neck line. To balance all the skin revealing going on, I wore a cropped cut off, light washed denim jacket. It was day time, so I wore a pair of low top white vans to make the look a bit more casual.

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear if you wanted to feel insanely sexy?

BV: I would have to say a lacy one-piece paired with a high waisted skirt or jeans. What’s sexier than getting away with wearing a piece of lingerie in public? I would wear a strappy, single sole heel with the look.

GO: Is there such thing as “lesbian style?” 

BV: I believe lesbians have more of a distinctive presence rather than a prominent type of style. The way a woman carries herself is what makes her style or vibe.

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