Poll: Most N.C. Residents Oppse HB2

A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that a majority of North Carolinians oppose the discrimatory anti-LGBT law, HB2, feeling it damages the state's reputation and ecomony. Respondents also said they were less likely to vote to reelect Gov. Pat McCrory because of his stubborn support of the draconian legislation.

Public Policy Polling reports in a press release on their latest survey: “HB2 continues to spell trouble for Pat McCrory. Only 30% of voters in the state support it to 43% who are opposed. By a 12 point margin voters say the way McCrory has handled the issue makes them less likely to vote for him- 43% less likely compared to only 31% who say it makes them more likely to support him. There’s a good chance that if not for HB2 McCrory would be favored for reelection at this point.


PPP continues to find two overwhelming sentiments when it comes to HB 2:


1) Voters overwhelmingly think it’s hurting the state. 58% say it’s hurting North Carolina to only 22% who think it’s helping. Specifically on the issue of the economy 58% say it’s hurting the state to just 8% who think it’s helping. When we last polled that question in June only 49% thought it was hurting the state’s economy so the high profile cancellation of the NBA All Star game may be helping to fuel those numbers. Even Republicans by a 24 point margin grant the impact HB2 is having on the state economy is more negative than positive. Additionally 55% of voters think HB2 is hurting North Carolina’s reputation nationally, while only 19% think it’s having a positive effect on the state.


2) Voters don’t think HB2 is actually having the impact it’s supposedly intended to have. Just 29% think it’s made North Carolina safer, to 50% who say it hasn’t made the state safer. A lot of the rhetoric around HB2 has focused on its helping make women safer but only 21% of them think it’s had that effect to 54% who say it has not.”


Read Public Policy Polling’s full report here


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