The One Fall Fashion Piece You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re more femme or masc leaning with your gender presentation—we’ve picked out the perfect fashion piece for you.

We’re entering the best fashion season of the whole year. Fall is just so perfect because: 1. You can layer while still looking incredibly stylish. 2. It’s going to be NYFW soon. 3. Boots, boots, and more boots.

Every year, we all look for that one statement item that will set us apart from the crowd. We’ve got you covered. Based on your zodiac sign—and if you’re more femme- or masc-leaning with your gender presentation—we’ve picked out the perfect fashion piece for you.


Velvet Over The Knee High Heel BURGUNDY Boots
Tradesy Velvet Over The Knee High Heel Burgundy Boots, $129.50

Femme-leaning: With several planets humming about in Scorpio and your eighth house this autumn, you’ll be feeling extra sultry. With these thigh-high burgundy velvet boots as your staple, you’ll be able to ram through any problem that comes your way. Pair them with a flouncy black miniskirt and a school-girl button-up for the perfect day-to-night outfit.

Slay The Patriarchy Coaches Jacket $75.00
Wildfang Slay The Patriarchy Coaches Jacket, $75

Masc-leaning: Boo, you are ready to slay this season and you should have the jacket to match. You’ll be feeling all your powerful energies collide with your planets circulating around Scorpio. Throw this jacket on as you head out the door to slay that job interview, rock that photoshoot, or go on a cute date. You’ll be ready to take on the world!

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